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CSR Mart is all about ‘making CSR easy’, says Rusen Kumar

NEW DELHI: CSR MART is India’s first and the largest online B2B marketplace, connecting the Corporate Sector with Service Providers and Experts in the domain of Corporate Sustainability and Responsibility (CSR). This is the platform where the variety of stakeholders come on a single place, making it a single point sourcing for all their CSR needs.

In an interview with Rusen Kumar, founder of CSR Mart (also the founder of India CSR Network), shared how CSR Mart will make CSR space more organized and vibrant in the country. Edited excerpts of the conversation:

Kindly tell us what motivated you to launch CSR Mart?

After the year 2014, when Government gave a mandate of spending 2% of the annual profit on CSR, there has been a sea-change in the corporate mindset. From being unstructured philanthropic

Rusen Kuma, Founder of CSR Mart. Picture CopyRight@IndiaCSRNetwork

activity, it has now acquired major role in the corporate strategic planning process. Since the corporate world is generally busy in their day to day operations and find it difficult to launch the full CSR Programme on their own, there is need for expert support and outsourcing. Currently, the service providers and experts are operating in silos. The CSR Mart will bring them all on a single platform and the corporate sector will be able to access a pool of the best organizations, service providers and professionals /consultants for their CSR projects. I believe that knowledge creation is good for business and society. CSR Mart will help to grow CSR Marketplace in our country. Also read: CSR Mart – The e-marketplace for CSR & Social Sector launched

Next year on April 1, 2019 CSR Law is going to complete five years. What kind of progress do you see in past couple of years?

As I said, the companies have started taking CSR seriously. The companies are also looking for the strategic moves which might directly or indirectly benefit the business. Some companies have reaped the benefit of operating in an educated and healthy society, which translates to better inputs, operations as well as results. When their CSR Projects bring positive response, the companies are motivated to move further with newer ideas and achieve the objectives. The number of companies reporting their CSR activities has risen sharply and this trend is expected to continue in the next decade.


What are the objectives of CSR Mart?

Technology enabled CSR Mart has been conceptualized with an objective to make the Indian CSR sector organized which is ever growing. It aims to be the trendsetter in the CSR ecosystem by bringing all stakeholders i.e. funders, implementers, innovators, product and service providers as well as leaders on a single platform. CSR Mart is pioneering to achieve excellence in the CSR market place. It is a one-stop destination for all kinds of support in Corporate Sustainability and Responsibility (CSR) related projects in India.

Do you feel that CSR Mart will serve the purpose?

It is purposeful innovation. We aim to achieve 100% market share of the online B2B Classified CSR space in India. The portal focuses on providing a platform to all stakeholders of CSR, large enterprises as well as corporate foundations, NGOs, Social Enterprises, innovators, service providers and implementing agencies, consultants and individuals. CSR Mart, a social enterprise, is founded in the year 2018 and its sole objective is to ‘making CSR easy’.

How will it serve the CSR sector?

Thank you for this important question! CSR MART is a dedicated platform and a complete resource centre for Corporates, CSR, Foundations, Social Enterprises and NGOs to engage and interact with


one another, further enabling long-term partnerships for carrying out CSR and Sustainability programmes and projects for creating stakeholders’ happiness. The CSR MART is the medium for stakeholders to gain insights about the demand and supply of the CSR and social sector in order to drive and ensure larger social impact. Users can create their profile, feature products and services and connect with the potential end users.

What message you would like to convey to the stakeholders of CSR space?

I would like to convey my deep sense of gratitude to the front-runners of CSR domain in India, who have already launched several successful projects with great results, making the CSR initiative a big hit! CSR Mart is here to transform the entire CSR marketplace. I invite organizations and leaders of the sector to be part of CSR Mart, which is a one-stop destination for your all needs of Corporate Sustainability and Responsibility (CSR) services and products.

Do you really feel that listing will benefit the organizations?

Prime objective of CSR is to serve the poorest of the poor empowering them and making their lives better. To meet this noble cause, we need all the relevant stakeholders at one place so that best can be found on real time basis. Listing of business, organization, services and products at a credential platform is essential to grow it for organizations involved in socio-economic development. Businesses will find it easy to connect with the experts, consultants, NGOs, implementation agencies, audit firms, innovative products & solutions, CSR Communication and CSR Events! Organizations will have the option to select from the Best options. This choice is unfortunately not available till date. But future CSR projects will have the expertise and have fruitful outcomes. The portal has been made user friendly with online payment integration facility and continuous support to all the stakeholders.

What are the key silent features of the CSR Mart?

To create business profile users need to register first by choosing appropriate packages of the services available. It is user friendly and easy to work. Leaders can also have their profiles. It is very much useful for CSR job seekers. We invite them to create profiles. Educational institutes having CSR courses can post details of the programmes and events. Featuring here is very much helpful for brand visibility as well as attracting business. Corporate Foundations can post their successful CSR projects for the awareness of its variety of stakeholders. I hope that CSR Mart will be able to help the organization to find out the right kind of partners for better CSR out comes and impacts. Knowledge, information, contacts and diversity of services and products available at CSR Mart will make it a complete resource center for Corporate Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility Marketplace. It is designed to cover the every aspect of CSR needs. CSR Mart is the boon for CSR ecosystem in India.

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